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While I'm sitting here at the school library, I thought I'll just post something short. It's been a while, and I think I just got lazy. After what happened half a year ago, I think I just stopped bothering about so many things I was involved in. Besides, I'm getting used to wasting my time *sigh*
I really was hoping to update this journal a while back and restart on my novel, however, I'm reluctant to do so because I'm starting to lose my plot bunnies. With the exception of three of them who are going to stick with me until my cravings for vampires, angels and demons die out for good. I'm also toning down on drawing, especially CG, which I consider a very bad thing seeing as I'm working on compete with Heise *lol* Such arrogance on my end.
I know this is pretty much just a post to ramble, and I want to apologize to a few of my friend on lj since I haven't been around lately. But I hope you all know I still love you all *kiss kiss*
Well, I'm going to finish my paper and then go to the beach later. I came to UCI because it's close to the beach, but ever since school started this year, I still haven't been to the beach... *hmmm* thus I ponder if I really love the beach as much as I say I do.
Either way, I hope I can be back more often in the future. Now with a mac and a partition, I have both the mac side and the xp side, I'm used to doing work via the mac side, and I hardly use the xp, which means I can't us photoshop for CGs nor can I go on to IRC as often. I do really regret that, but I do try *sigh* No I don't.
I'll work on whatever I can to get back from time to time, but rl is really taking me apart.
Well... Enough rambling, hopefully, next time things will get better :)

Sep. 13th, 2007

I would like to take this time to say that I have actually made it on time as of CA time before 12AM, the present for Iron dog, So Happy B-Day DEAR! *Yay*
Seriously, when I realized 2 days ago that her birthday was coming up, I realized that I had to pull my lazy ass to work and finish that drawing I wanted to give her as a suprise.
Thank Lucifer that it's finally done, and it's not all that bad. LOL. I think Iron dog should know this is from the BBE series, although I don't remember the chp, but this is a Hakuyuu (Typo again, I guess) and Hakkai one. I think it should be 24, 25, or 26 :/ And Darn it I want it post now! So I won't be checking. LOL
I also Hope that the email gets send over. Will be working on it.
Now... Back to my dead self
Oh... Before I forget, the present
since lj is being a mean b*tch and won't let me upload pictures... this is the best I can do T__T


I'm the maintainer of Kadaj_lucifer which you joined. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I was going to delete this group because it should be inactivated *sigh*. I never did that because I got confused and almost deleted my other group as well. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. And if you would like, I think the group that you might have wanted to join should be http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_fantasy/ It has the same content, except for the fact that it's active. If you would like to do so, please follow the rules and join the group. I will be glad to add you. Thank you very much and sorry for the misunderstanding.
Your truly,

P.S How do I delete this group?

I'm back~!

Yes, I get my compy back. Hopefully things goes alright for a while now. *sigh* Now I'm quite sure I did make a few promises of things. The first order of business, finish my translation. *lol* I'll neglect the long missing updates. I shall be catching up with my cgs and my promised artworks. I think I had to do 2 doujins *lol* Will be on them soon enough
It's nice to be back :)
Because of recent family issues, I suppose I'm going to be out of commission for quite some time. I'll try to get myself back soon *lol* until everything gets settled at home, I really am not sure if I can actually get back. *pinches self* Working on things though. Life really suck and guess I need to get off my ass and hope that things turn out for the best. *mutters* I'll get back to my drawings soon enough. Yes, I know, I promised many people I would be doing that but never got a chance to. When I'm at home, I'll do more things by hand so don't mind me. Hopefully things settle sooon enough and I would be back *hugs all friends*

Another tattoo babe :)

Okay then, this one is still part of my collection of the tattooed babes *it's much loved* Yes, I did say I would do one on feilong simply because I did Hallwil, and what the heck, we all know I love them just the same. I'm a very fair person after all *snickers* Yeah, right.
Anyways, this one turned out better than expected. It took about 4 hours, with no breaks in between. Yes, I didn't take a break and managed to finish it all today. Hooray for me. *more guys to drool on?*
Anyhoo, the preview still has a tattoo on *lol* Come on, there is a reason why it's in that series. However, just to make sure that the tattoo doesn't become the cause of confusion, I also saved a version before the addition of the tattoo. That might look much more like Feilong. Still, I truly thought that this tattoo is very matching.

Somehow the bigger version makes him look really really feminine, but *sigh* I really really tried. I'll see if i get time in the future to make him look less feminine

the tattooed version & the original versionCollapse )

Well, comments? Does this one look more like Feilong than my previous one on Hallwil? I think so *lol* I always think differently than most people

Mar. 29th, 2007

Well, I'm on a roll here aren't I? Here is another CG. I have this depressing feeling that I'm not getting much better. *pokes the eye* But then again, you are making me feel more accomplished. For some reason, the eyes always turns out okay, where as the rest of the face doesn't *sigh* But there is a hair improvement what not.
This was suppose to be another one of my tattoo eye series, however, I got side tracked maybe? The guys looks a lot like Hallwil from Crimson Spell. Even the eye color is found on one colored page (though it needs to be verified, because it really looks strange). But now he's got a TATTOO! Good for him (or not)
here is the preview

Then comes the disaster. As we all know from my two previous post on my journal, it's always a disaster. *sigh* But it'll have to do *lol* The cut is to make sure that no one's eyes would get hurt
so... here is the messCollapse )
Thoughts anyone? comments on whether or not it looks like Hallwil? I thought he does, of course, without the tattoo that is, but the tattoo makes him sexier doesn't it? *ponders*

Happy B-day to Cheza

Internet thus lives!
*lol* Okay, dear Cheza-Chan, taintedkibou, I'm sorry, but I don't know how to do all the fansy stuff, so you will have to bear with me here *lol*
Happy b-day, and I hope I finished this on time hon :3
With lots of love, I present you
the preview

Yes, you have to click the linky. Personally, let's just say that "the eye" is the best. *shrugs* So I'm nuts
May you have a nice year and lots more happy days to come *hugs*
So here is the bigger one with a nose again, but no mouth, I tried but it turned out...Collapse )
Comments will make me happy :)

Mar. 27th, 2007

drawing personality

What does your drawing say about YOU?

Okay, for the most part it is true, but i'm not a very happy little person! *stares at self in the mirror.* Nope, just feel so depressed sometimes that I thought maybe I would like to see a sunny day :p


so I did expect this... But not that much for social, we should all know that I lack social abilities :p
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It's okay. I understand.

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